100 g Pickled sausages with hot peppers 109 Kč
70 g Pickled Camembert cheese 129 Kč
100 g Steak Tartare with crispy toast and garlic 219 Kč


  Chicken broth with meat and noodles 65 Kč
  Garlic soup with barley groats and crouton 65 Kč


150 g Beef tenderloin with sour cream dumplings and cranberries  239 Kč
150 g Beef goulash with Viennese dumplings 219 Kč
200 g Roast pork ,souerkraut and potato dumplings  219 Kč
600 g Roast duck, souerkraut  potato dumplings 289Kč


200 g Pulled pork burger, fresh vegetables, garlic dip,chips 269 Kč
500 g Marinated pork ribs, mustard, horseradish

269 Kč

500 g Roasted knuckle of pork, mustard, horseradish 269 Kč


100 g Fried breaded Edam cheese with ham,tatar sauce 169 Kč
  80 g ´Olomouc ´smear-ripened curd cheese wrapped in bacon and fried batter 189 Kč
150 g Salmon with herbal butter 269 Kč
150 g Chicken schnitzel 179 Kč
150 g Chicken schnitzel with spinach and cream 219 Kč
150 g Chicken schnitzel stuffed with ham and cheese 219 Kč
150 g Chicken fillet with grilled vegetables and thyme 219 Kč
150 g Pork schnitzel from cutlet 179 Kč
250 g Pork neck with black beer sauce 229Kč
150 g Pork tenderloin skewer with onion and bacon 239 Kč
200 g Pork tenderloin with moshrooms sauce 239 Kč
120 g Friend pork tenderloin in potato pancake with cabbage salad 239 Kč
200 g Pork tenderloin with pepper sauce 239 Kč
200 g Beef fillet steak´Striploin´with beans and bacon 329 Kč


200 g Spätzle with grilled vegetables  209 Kč
100 g Fried camembert type cheese, tartar sauce 169 Kč


150 g Cabbage salad 65 Kč
150 g Mixed salad (salad leaves, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes) 89 Kč
250 g Shopak salad (cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, feta cheese) 135 Kč
 350 g Mixed salad with grillet chicken 209 Kč
  350 g  Mixed salad with grillet camembert type cheese 209 Kč


  Pancakes with jam and whipped cream 109 Kč

Curd cream cheese dumplings with nougat and coated with grated ginger

bread and sour cream on the side

109 Kč
  Mixed ice - cream sundae (vanilla,strawberry and walnut ice- cream,whipped cream ) 99 Kč
  Hot rapsberry ice cream 109 Kč